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"A set from Ginger Coyle is like a hangout session with your best friend, one you haven’t seen in ages, yet as soon as you get together, you continue the last conversation like the chasm of time and distance never existed. Indeed, familiarity is the key here. You know you have heard these melodies, but where? Another era? Another life? Another reality? Surely, it’s a recognizable tune, but at the same time a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to reconnect with feelings not felt in quite some time. Musically, Coyle embraces many of the genres that have grown from the honest roots of American blues: R&B, funk and even reggae, gospel and jazz make their presence known throughout her performances and recordings. She wraps this up in a blanket of pop-filtered soul, tearing through veil after veil of layered emotion channeled through her confident delivery and a venerable charm that nods to predecessors both recent and long-celebrated, stopping short of fitting into any cookie-cutter template of current musical trends. Vocally she attacks with attitude and wisdom, framing her lyrics with a rebellious demeanour and an open heart. With an arresting presence on stage, and a sophisticated understanding of her forebearers, consider your enjoyment a foregone conclusion. "

Karl Malgiero

"New Jersey singer songwriter Ginger Coyle has seen the ins and outs of the music industry. She says she spent time playing pop music and “dumbing down” lyrics, but finally is producing her own music — with a socially conscious message. In fact, her slogan on her website is “soul music for conscious souls.” Coyle’s “anti-materialism” message and lyrics about discovering identity and awareness come from her 17 years navigating the music industry.She made her first demo at 14 and began getting air time on radio station WXPN. She began getting gigs in high school. Her father bought her studio time to record two songs as her first demo for an eighth grade graduation gift.After graduating from high school in 2003, she entered a singing competition on television’s “Wayne Brady Show” and won. The prize was a demo deal with Hollywood Records.But Coyle says Hollywood Records tried to push her to sing pop. They wanted her to be like Hilary Duff, she says.“I was kind of like butting heads with the producer and it didn’t really work out because they had a different vision for me than what I had,” Coyle says.Then she joined the T!Katz, a rap group, 2006-2009. It toured with Third Eye Blind and got a deal with a major label to make an album. However, Coyle says things fell through. And as the band lost money, and she was about to be signed to another major label, Coyle found out she was pregnant.Having a baby and a family grounded her, Coyle says. She moved back to New Jersey and began writing music again — but not songs about partying every night like the ones she sang with T!Katz. She wants to be a good role model for her daughter.“You don’t want her looking at you on stage thinking, ‘Why? Why are you singing like that?'” Coyle says. “I want her to look at me … and understand what I’m saying and be proud of the message that I give with my song.” Coyle hopes her new album will garner some attention and put her on tour with a bigger artist. Then she can take her family on the road. And even though she says it may sound crazy, she hopes to create change in the world through her music. "

-Willian Gordon,  The Morning Call

"Coyle is not a straight-ahead anything, and her powerhouse voice does wonders with whatever style she’s tackling at the moment"

-John Vettese 88.5 WXPN


"Coyle remains one of our city’s most underrated voices. Joined by bassist Ken Pendergast and drummer Charlie Patierno, Coyle’s Saturday night set explored pop, blues and even Rastafarian territories, reminding us all that she is one to keep an eye on in the year ahead." 

-Wendy McCardle of The Swollen Fox


"It's hard to imagine being a music biz veteran when you're in your 20s. But Ginger Coyle's been flirting with major musical success since she was about 14 years old and released her first demo. " 

-Burlington County Times


"Ginger Coyle is a siren. Her classic beauty and velvety voice could easily woo you into a watery grave. Luckily for us, Ginger is guided by love–a love she shares through her music."

-The Pincushion 


"Ginger Coyle, has the voice and talent to backup her vivacious personality and killer looks. She’s sassy and we like it. She also has some sweet tattoos, which we like even more. "

PRICK Magazine


"Without question, Ginger Coyle is an old soul. She is one of Philadelphia’s latest artists to emerge onto the music scene, playfully weaving her conscious lyrics and soulful pop melodies over acoustic guitar and driving piano."

-SoJo Happening Magazine



GINGER is a spiritual activist and beloved singer songwriter to the Philadelphia area & beyond. Her new record “Higher Frequency” explores personal vibrations through the chakras and invites humanity to take responsibility for their contribution to the collective frequency. Immerse yourself in a soulful record that offers introspection, conscious contemplation, positivity and themes of oneness and Universal Love.

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